We offer the full range of wills, probate, trusts and powers of attorney.


We prepare all types of wills, from simple to complex and advise on the legal and tax implications. We aim to update you on significant changes brought about by government budgets and recommend wills are updated as your circumstances change, for example on marriage or a major change to finances.



We offer professional help to guide you through the administration of an estate after someone dies. We aim to deal with the estate efficiently and can advise on tax saving opportunities and according to your particular needs.


Inheritance tax savings can be achieved through the use of trusts and discretionary trusts.  We draft, administer and advise on trusts and related tax matters.


Everyone should have a power of attorney enabling you to choose who acts on your behalf if you become unable to do so for yourself. We draft and deal with the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney for Finances & Property and Health & Welfare.  Once you have lost mental capacity, it is too late for you to grant a power of attorney. In these circumstances, we can help with the appointment of a Deputy and then assist with the day-to-day administration of financial affairs.


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