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At Freedman Alexander we are keen to ensure that there is transparency as to how we charge our clients.  We will inform you at the outset of a matter what the fees are going to be (or if we cannot be certain from the start, what we anticipate they will be).


There are two main elements to the legal costs relating to work undertaken by any of our departments:


  • our charges; and
  • expenses we must pay out on your behalf.


For more information on our prices for specific services we offer:



The fees will depend on the value of the property you are buying and/or selling.  Typically we charge £890 plus VAT for a routine sale (£1,200 plus VAT if the property being sold is over £1m in value) and £890 plus VAT for a routine purchase (£1,200 plus VAT if the property being bought is more than £1m in value).  If the matter is more complicated (for example if there are complex planning issues or a lease to consider) we will let you know what the price will be.  There will be disbursements in addition to our fees, details of which we will supply on request.


Wills and Probate

A standard will is typically £200.  A lasting power of attorney is typically £500 (or £850 for mirrored LPAs).  Of course, if the estate is complex (for example if there are trusts to be considered) the costs will be more.


Debt Collection

We charge a flat £25 for a standard letter before action.  For contested matters we charge an hourly rate depending on the level of fee-earner handling your matter.


All fees referred above will be plus VAT.


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